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Is Breast Augmentation Right For Me?

Breast augmentation can have a big impact on your appearance, self-image and lifestyle. But breast enhancement surgery isn't the right choice for every woman. When you meet with a plastic surgeon, he or she will talk with you about your goals and expectations,... [ Read More ]
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The Breast of Both Worlds

Breast implants can make you look and feel better, and these changes will affect all aspects of your life. A breast augmentation will change how you look in bathing suit, and that slinky red cocktail number you have been eyeing. It will also change what... [ Read More ]
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Things to Know Before Surgery

Breast Implants Aren't Perfect: Things You Should Know Before Surgery The more you know about the potential complications of breast implants, the less likely you are to be caught off guard if anything goes wrong. Very few, if any, breast augmentations... [ Read More ]
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Saline vs. Silicone vs. Cohesive Gel

Decisions, Decisions . . . Saline, Silicone or Cohesive Gel? For some women, choosing breast implants is easy. For others, the choice isn't quite so clear. The look and feel of an implant, placement considerations and safety concerns are only a few the... [ Read More ]
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Running the Numbers: How Much Does Breast Augmentation Really Cost? Breast augmentation costs vary widely depending on the location of your surgery, the type of implants you choose, the extent of the procedure and your plastic surgeon's fees. Based on... [ Read More ]
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Step-by-Step Guide to Your Breast Augmentation

What to expect when you are augmenting your breasts You have been thinking about it (or them) for as long as you can remember. Breast augmentation with implants has probably been on your mind since middle school when all of your friends began sprouting... [ Read More ]
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Preparing for Surgery

Preparing for Surgery: Boosting Your Chances of a Beautiful Outcome Before you have breast augmentation, there's a lot you can do to ensure a great outcome. Your plastic surgeon will give you a list of tasks to complete before surgery, like scheduling... [ Read More ]

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