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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: The Basics Breast implants aren't just for celebrities or wealthy socialites; in fact, the typical candidate for breast augmentation is an average woman who simply wants to enhance her natural attributes. Breast augmentation—or... [ Read More ]
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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction: Knowledge is Power Breast cancer isn't the only reason that women seek reconstructive surgery, but it's one of the most common. Yet the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that up to 70% of women who require a mastectomy... [ Read More ]
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Breast Anatomy

Understanding Breast Anatomy Form follows function when it comes to breasts, and one of their primary functions is to supply milk to hungry infants. Under the visible parts of your breast—skin, nipples and areolae—lie several important structures: Lobules:... [ Read More ]
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Incision Point

Choosing an incision point for breast augmentation may seem like a technical decision, but you can and should be involved in deciding where your implants are placed. The incision point can affect the symmetry of your implants, the visibility of your scars... [ Read More ]
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If you were to ask a group of plastic surgeons to name the best technique for breast implant placement, you'd get conflicting answers. There are three major approaches to placing an implant: subglandular, submuscular and subpectoral.  The best strategy... [ Read More ]
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When it comes to selecting the shape of your implants, there is no right or wrong choice—only your choice. Some women prefer to have a naturally contoured, understated profile, while others seek a more dramatic, voluptuous look. Your plastic surgeon... [ Read More ]
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How Do I Choose the Right Implant Size? Deciding what size you want to be after breast augmentation can be exciting, frustrating and confusing—all at the same time. Implant manufacturers provide sizing charts to help you and your plastic surgeon... [ Read More ]

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